COACHES: Is social media a pain in your you-know-what? Do you...

- Feel clueless around what the heck to post? 

- Wish you could afford a social media manager but you don't have the budget?

- Have a message to share and know social media is the first step to sharing it, but you have no idea where the heck to start?  

I will walk you through 4 steps for building a social brand that is designed to attract your target audience so you can use social media to grow your coaching business. 

STEP ONE: How to UNDERSTAND your dream client on social media. 

STEP TWO: How to find your social media VOICE.

STEP THREE: How to design your social media MAGAZINE.

STEP FOUR: How to know what's working and what's NOT.

What can you achieve by implementing my four steps?

When I take you through my 4 steps for creating personal and branded content that sparks engagement and attracts followers, you’ll also...

...get rid of OVERWHELM

Have PLAN. No more pullin' hair out because you don't know what the heck to post that week!

...feel INSPIRED!

Build a brand that is so specific to who you are and how you can change the lives of your dream client that you'll actually feel INSPIRED around what the heck to post instead of stuck. 

...finally have CLARITY

You might know your target audience -- but do you know how that translates to your social media content? UNDERSTAND how you can share a message on social media that actually translates to your dream clients.

...say g'bye to GUESS WORK

Know how to test your content every month so you know how and where to make changes if something isn't converting.


COACH SOCIAL is the solution to the I-want-a-social-presence-but-have-no-idea-how-to-build-one-nor-do-I-have-the-time-to-do-it modern day problem-a.  

​We focus on building and managing strategies that meet the objectives you're looking for in a stress free way. ​ Our personalized methods are designed to ...  

EMPOWER your business.  

Build CREATIVE buzz around your message and offerings.  

Offer SUPPORT with your marketing, thereby ELIMINATING OVERWHELM so you can have FOCUS & TIME for your clients  

Put your BEST foot forward, always.  

GROW your business by generating original, informative content that builds CREDIBILITY and helps you to be found and trusted by your PERFECT CLIENTS.

Amen and Hallelujah!

Finally a roadmap to stay consistent with social media without just creating more fluff! Sophia and the Coach Social Team really know their stuff and they understand that as coaches, we don't have a lot of time to crack the social nut on our own. This survival guide eliminates all the guess work, helps me stay consistent AND gives me more time to do what I love... work with clients. 

Dallas Travers

Sophia GETS IT!

I've worked with Sophia for a couple of years now and can say Sophia really gets it! Now she has all of her best tips and tricks on how to create an appealing brand, having a social media voice, and so much more all in an e-book (that I can't believe is free)... After reading Sophia's Social Media Survival Guide my number of relevant followers increased and my company's Instagram page has never looked better!

Marisa Schilling

Coach Social's Social Media Survival Guide